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Template or layout [RESOLVED]

Last post 08-30-2005, 17:43 by konrad. 3 replies.
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  •  08-30-2005, 1:38 6924

    Template or layout [RESOLVED]

    I open 4 charts of SIRI and I would like to save it as a template how to save it as a template?. I want to have template saved under a volume in a Floating and Docking Toolbars
  •  08-30-2005, 2:51 6928 in reply to 6924


    hey konrad..... thats actually a layout not a template....

    open your 4 'siri' charts, ... save it as a layout by going to -- file>new>layout>add all.... now go back to file, this time choose 'save as' , name it and save.... after the first time its a breeze....h
  •  08-30-2005, 3:37 6930 in reply to 6924

    Re: layout


    Not to be ugly, but as a matter of courtesy, please review this post: READ ME BEFORE POSTING.
    Many of your questions have already been answered in the forum; still others are the same question asked over and over. Try a search. Try the user's manual. If you are still stuck, along with your post, list what you've tried to do to solve your own question. Don't take for granted those that spend their time trying to help out others in need.

    Think about it.
    Traders' Consortium
  •  08-30-2005, 17:43 6958 in reply to 6924

    Search bar

    Hey G.Stockman
    Sorry about that, I reading all post from the end, when a metastock forum has been create, so it lot of reading here, and on ,user manual , I spend 5 hours everyday after job on midnight to read it all good idea to research one more time a user manual, what I would suggest is just create a Search bar so people can easy and handly use it! it will be very well idea, it save time, I finish reading READ ME BEFORE POSTING and I am embarased that I ask a question that is already answear in forum

    thanks :D
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