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Help Req- MINDAS Intra day formula

Last post 11-23-2012, 1:41 by wabbit. 1 replies.
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  •  11-22-2012, 23:22 40045

    Help Req- MINDAS Intra day formula

    Hi all,

    Below is the MIDAS formula for intra day S/R bands. Its been given in the book "MIDAS technical analysis".

    I am trying to copy the formula in metastock 11 but its showing error can some body please help to correctly put it in metastock formula.

    sm:= Input("starting month",1,12,1);
    sd:= Input("starting day of month",1,31,1);
    sy:= Input("starting year",1980,2100,2000);
    sh:=Input("hour", 1,24,1);
    start:= sd=DayOfMonth() AND sm=Month() AND sy=Year() AND sh=Hour() AND se=Minute();
    x:=Input("Price Field,1=O,2=H,3=L,4 =C,5= MP ()",1,5,4 );
    y:=If( x =l,O,If(x=2,H,If(x=3,L,If(x=4,C,

    If(BarsSince (start),(Cum(ab)-ValueWhen(1,start,Cum(ab)))/denom,MP())

    here i am facing the problem:

    "the variable of expression must contain only constant data"

    kindly help.

  •  11-23-2012, 1:41 40047 in reply to 40045

    Re: Help Req- MINDAS Intra day formula

    Change the lower case 'L' in the ValueWhen() expression to '1' (one)

    wabbit Big Smile [:D]

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