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Adaptive CCI

Last post 09-21-2005, 16:16 by guara_riua. 6 replies.
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  •  08-31-2005, 1:25 6994

    Adaptive CCI

    You will need the ASI dll from Dynamic Market Labs

    Periods:=ExtFml("ASI.CyclePeriod",C,.18,.1, 1.1);
    ACCI:= ExtFml("ASI.CCI",Periods);
    HZ:=Ref( ExtFml("ASI.HHV",ACCI,Periods),-1);
    LZ:=Ref( ExtFml("ASI.LLV",ACCI,Periods),-1);
  •  08-31-2005, 5:39 6999 in reply to 6994

    Re: Adaptive CCI

    Hi henry,

    I got this message when I tried to post adaptive cci formula in metastock

    This function name does not exist in the specified MSX DLL

    What is wrong?

  •  08-31-2005, 23:05 7034 in reply to 6994

    free adaptive indicators

    Which Dll file did you download?

    I downloaded the first version of the asi dll and then I downloaded the second version and lost the cycle function so I went back to the first version
  •  09-03-2005, 16:11 7155 in reply to 6994

    Re: free adaptive indicators

    Hi Henry,
    Same problem as one waver. Both versions of ASI don't contain the cyclee function. Perhaps yo can post your dll version for us to download


  •  09-03-2005, 17:12 7160 in reply to 6994

    Re: free adaptive indicators

    Under the "Free Adaptive DLL" section here was Brad's reply to Jose about the problem.


    Unfortunately, there is a reason. The cycle period indicators were not meant to come with ASI. However, for a short time both the download on our site, and the dll here on the forum did contain the 2 functions!

    Of course, a version of the Homodyne Cycle Period (the same as ours, except it has some static variables, where ours can take variables) is available from Equis in a dll.

    Thus, a select few out there have this dll with the Cybernetic Cycle Period and Homodyne Cycle Period. The functions were there in the trial version and the version we intended to sell, but we have chosen not to include these functions with the free dll and source. It is best you brought it up, because some of our material stills refers to it, and I should make it clear that it is not included anymore.

    I don't mind you using it at all, if nothing else for the honest feedback from you early takers. However, I would appreciate it if you would not distribute it openly. It was an honest mistake, and I ask out of courtesy that you do this....I tend to be absent minded sometimes...I think I would lose my own head if it were not stuck on my neck.


  •  09-07-2005, 0:54 7290 in reply to 6994

    new dll


    Here is a zip file containing the new dll.

    It contains the "HomodyneCyclePeriod" function (from Rocket Science for Traders), but not the "CyclePeriod" function, which is the method from Ehlers' latest book, Cybernetic Analysis for Stock and Futures.

    You should now be able to use

    ExtFml("ASI.HomodyneCyclePeriod", CLOSE);

    in place of "ASI.CyclePeriod".

    You can download the ADSI trial to get the CyclePeriod function.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Hope this helps,

    Brad Ulrich
  •  09-21-2005, 16:16 8505 in reply to 6994

    CyclePeriod vs. HomodyneCyclePeriod

    Acouple of questions for the ASI.DLL expert users:

    1) What will be the implications for an indicator that used previously the CyclePeriod vs the same indicator that is using now the HomodyneCyclePeriod?

    2) What is the recommended use for the HomodyneCyclePeriod in order to make and indicator adaptive? Or if possible to provide an example with a moving average.

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